You must supply vectorized art using one of the following programs: • Adobe Illustrator latest version.

• Export to .eps and always convert the fonts to outline (lines or curves).

• Specify the imprint PANTONE colors (PMS) to be used and create the artwork at 100% imprint size in order to establish if your text will be readable once imprinted (create at 200% if printing on small products).

• If your logo contains more than one color, use the exact PMS colors in your layout. Halftones, screening, and shading are not recommended.

• .tiff formats in black and white at 600 dpi will be accepted only if they are of good quality and without any grayscale. Sending artwork electronically:

• Compress your files using the following: Stuffit or Winzip.

• Save your file using your purchase order number.

• Forward your files to the following email addresses: .

• To speed up the processing of your order: specify the name of your company, indicate your phone number and your purchase order number. Also, always indicate item number and description of the product you want us to print on.

• A reference of your artwork is necessary to accelerate the processing of your order (either by fax or .jpg file).

• Do not combine your artwork into one file. Each file should have one artwork only for each order.


The following artwork will be refused:

• Microsoft and Power Point (they are not graphic programs), all numeric images (in color or shades of gray). Any image using low resolution (72 dpi), (.jpg, .gif, .doc, .ppt, .dat), faxes or business cards.

If needed, we will redo or touch-up your artwork. We will estimate the work to be done and inform you of the graphic fees.

Base price starts at $90.00 net. Note: Information on this page may vary or is subject to change depending on printing method. Please consult customer service.

Refused Scan with grayscale (.tif, .gif, .jpg) , Colored scan with low resolution (.tif, .gif, .jpg)

Accepted Formats: .eps texts in lines or curves at 100%, eps with PMS colors at 100%, texts in lines or curve


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